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UFC Losing It’s Mojo

The world of mixed martial arts has easily become the fastest growing sport in the world, headed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Fans have flocked to the action that the sport offers and the fact that you can find a fight just about every weekend. But recently I’ve noticed that the excitement and non-stop action that set MMA apart from boxing is slowly dwindling away. Has MMA lost its edge?

Most people like to see knockout finishes and flying knees mixed in with superman punches and the UFC is fully capable of providing that. But watching the UFC recently, I can’t help to see a resemblance to boxing. Fans kicked boxing to the curb because “there’s too much clinching” and there was “not enough action” and ultimately left the sport for MMA. But after watching recent UFC events, the distinction between the two sports is beginning to blur. Who should we blame for that? Wrestlers!

With the explosion of wrestlers onto the mixed martial arts scene, we have started to see a lot of the same ol “clinching” and “not enough action”. We oftentimes see wrestlers run their opponent into the cage, drop down and scoop their legs right out from underneath them. The wrestler then lays on top position to control the fight while inflicting minimal damage. And in the end, they win a unanimous decision.

While I understand that a win is a win, MMA is slowly losing the “wow factor” that drew so many fans to begin with. This slow, drawn out strategy of winning a fight has even acquired a name to describe the “fight style”: lay n prey.

Nobody likes to see boring fights, yet this has been a growing trend lately inside the octagon. If these types of fights continue, I can see fans clinging to more action packed promotions like World Extreme Cagefighting (which is owned by the same company as the UFC). The UFC needs to continue to put out more fights that get fans excited. Otherwise, their numbers just might be on the decline.

Hey Dana, maybe this is why nobody wants to fork out the $50 for your pay-per-views.

(This article was written by Austin Largusa for Nor-Cal MMA)

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