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TUF 12 Premier


Tonight was the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 12 featuring GSP and Josh Koscheck.

The episode was okay but I wasn’t really wowed by too many fighters. There are a few that I want to point out though. The first being Marc Stevens who had a nice knockout in his fight. His current record is 12-5 and he fights out of New York and was also coached in wrestling by Koscheck at the University of Buffalo.

Then there was Spencer Paige who I was really impressed with and pick to win the whole competition. His boxing looked pretty good and he controlled the fight for the most part when it went to the ground. Here’s a cool interview to read a little about him:  http://www.aroundtheoctagon.com/?p=5609

And the last was “Iron Mike” Johnson. You’ll see. Give it two more weeks and everyone will be calling him that. He was relentless and controlled the fight. He does need to work on his boxing and kickboxing, but he didn’t look too bad.

Make sure to tune in next week as they pick teams and have the first fight. Also in the previews for this upcoming season, they show a scene of Koscheck walking over and grabbing a rather large African American man by the neck. Makes for great TV. Might want to stay tuned.

(This article was written by Austin Largusa for Nor-Cal MMA)

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