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From Mall Cop To The Cage

In recent years many celebrities have sought refuge in the world of mixed martial arts. Athletes such as Green Bay Packers running back, Ryan Grant, and even 7-foot tall basketball superstar, Shaquille O’neal (who reportedly was willing to take a fight with 7-foot South Korean fighter Hong-man Choi), have been seen training in the offseason to keep in shape. But according to recent news, you can add actors to the list of celebrities getting involved in mixed martial arts.

Yahoo.com confirmed a rumor at 9:05 am this morning that actor, Kevin James, will be starring in a movie based around mixed martial arts. The Hollywood star who recently starred in the movie, Grown Ups alongside Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, will play the role of a high school physics teacher. When the school faces drastic budget cuts, James uses MMA to help save the music program for the sake of his students.

But James isn’t new to MMA. Rumor has it, the King of Queens star has trained with Bas Rutten and is currently training with highly sought after, Rafael Cordeiro (who is also Wanderlei Silva’s coach). He has previously sparred with MMA’s Captain America, Randy Couture:

The script will be written by, Alan Loeb (script writer for the movie, 21), and has yet to be given a title. With so many actors available for the part, one has to wonder what brought the actor to take this role. Whatever the case, I hope they give enough time for James to shave some weight off of his 5’-8” 250 lbs. frame.

(This article was written by Austin Largusa for Nor-Cal MMA)

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