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TUF Season 12


Tonight marked the third episode of TUF 12 and it did not disappoint. The show opens with “Bruce Lee-roy” going on and on about his last fight. Needless to say, everyone in the house was getting annoyed.

The teams begin training and its obvious there is a difference in the way Koscheck and GSP coach. While we catch GSP telling his team to have fun, Koscheck gathers his team to tell them that they’re not working hard enough.

The fight is picked as its Michael Johnson (1st pick) vs the englishman, Aaron Wilkinson. The first round starts with Johnson throwing leg kicks while Wilkinson counters with jabs and straights. Johnson finally shoots in for a takedown but can only hold his opponent down briefly. Wilkinson returns the favor and takes Johnson down against the fence. The round ends with Wilkinson dropping short elbows.

Round 2 opens with Johnson trying to pressure but “English” keeps him at bay with his jabs. Johnson lands a nice superman punch and pushes his opponent to the fence. Wilkinson gets off the cage and presses forward with straight rights before he’s taken down. Johnson shows his jiu jitsu skills and takes Wilkinson’s back before the fight gets back to the feet. Wilkinson scores another takedown against the fence and continues to punish Johnson. Johnson gets up and takes Wilkinson down with a double leg takedown. Wilkinson gets up and they meet back in the center of the cage. The few exchange briefly but fatigue is setting in before Dana shouts “come on boys! Who wants it?” Wilkinson’s team is calling for him to push Johnson to the fence but cannot take him down. Fight goes to a 3rd.

During the commerical break, I think I saw a glimpse of Johnson choking Wilkinson with a rear naked choke.

The 3rd opens with Johnson turning it up and scoring a quick takedown. He punishes Wilkinson and gets his back, finishing him with a rear naked choke.

Commercial break RUINED it. Good job UFC.

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