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Born to Fight XIII Results

“Born to Fight” kicked off November’s busy month of MMA in California and it did not disappoint. There were 11 total fights with more than 15 gyms showing up to compete. Only 4 of the 11 fights went to a decision, while the rest were a combination of KO’s and submission finishes. Here are the results of the fights along with some pictures from our great photographer, Alicia Forbrich.


John Davis (AKA, 2-0) defeats Carlos Bosquez (Norcal Fight Factory, 0-1) by KO in the 3rd round

Marco Del (Claudio Franco BJJ, 1-0) defeats Justin Roman (USH Fight Team, 0-1) by KO in the 3rd round

Vince Bordi (Team USA, 4-0) defeats Brandon Hester (Tribull MMA, 1-0) by Unanimous Decision

Doyle Childs (Battle Control MMA, 1-0) defeats Felix Guel (Norcal Fight Factory, 0-2) by Unanimous Decision

Anthony Darino (Team AKA, 1-0) defeats Radames Garcia (Tribull MMA, 0-1) by Submission in the 3rd round

Idres Rahminai (Combat Sports Academy, 3-0) defeats Alex Katrib (Team Sickness, 3-1) by Submission in the 2nd round

Tony Lawrence (USH Fight Team, 1-0) defeats Marc Talledo (Unlimited Fight Team, 0-1) by Split Decision

Zachary Parish (AKA, 1-0) defeats Benji Sliva (Gladiator Academy, 0-1) by Split Decision

Orlando Cantbagan (FTCC, 1-0) defeats Kashayar Erfanian (Team AKA-Sunnyvale, 0-1) by Submission in the 2nd round

Paul Rice (American Kickboxing Academy, 1-0) defeats Martin Delanve (Gym and Record Unknown) by Submission in the 2nd round

Ashley Smith (Gladiator Academy, 1-0) defeats Ashley Florence (Assault MMA, 0-1) by TKO in the first round

Check out our Facebook page for pictures by Alicia Forbrich

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