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Fight Militia in Stockton

Congrats to all the guys that won tonight in Stockton!!!

Our buddy over at Cageradio provided results from the fights along with pictures:





Matthew Swanson defeats Emilio Gonzales by guillotine choke @ just 31 Seconds into RD #3

Jordan Felix Defeats Paul Ruiz in just 34 seconds of RD #1 -via Guillotine choke.

David Blanco defeats Richard Parra by KO @ just 3 seconds into RD #3

Alan Perez tries for the Armbar on Chris Bonilla

Alan Perez defeats Chirs Bonilla just 42 seconds into RD # 2 via Guillotine

Jared Hess defeats Sean Baker @ 1:55 RD #1- Via armbar

Keith Cutrone defeats Jonathan Chaplin at just 1:20 into RD #1 Via Triangel choke


Daniel Romero defeats Adrain Diaz @ just11 second into RD # 1- via TKO Punches

Lucas Gamaza defeats Nick Christy @ 2:07 of RD #1 via RNC

Randy Rodini defeats Bobby Escalante by TKO @ :27 seconds into RD #1 (Dislocated Elbow)

Josh Thorneburg going for the wicked armbar on Marcus Gaines

Josh Thorneburg defeats Marcus Gaines @ 1: 45 RD #1 – via triangle choke


Team Stockton’s Tony Rios

(LEFT) Mike Christensen defeats Tony Rios by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27. 29-28

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