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Brandon Vera Stays; Thiago Silva Facing Suspension

After a UFC 125 loss to Thiago Silva, most suspected that Brandon Vera would receive his walking papers from Dana White and Company. And most were right. But nobody suspected that they would see his name back on the UFC roster just months after being released.

After an initial failed post-fight drug test, Thiago Silva may face suspension and a fine. In addition to that, the UFC 125 fight will be overturned to a “no contest” and Brandon Vera will get a second chance.

But with 3 consecutive losses and performances that were far from the old Brandon Vera, he better get back to the gym and get to work. Vera is currently under medical suspension due to a broken nose suffered at the hands of Silva.

What will it take for Vera to get back to the top?

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  1. Chevron A. Pacquiao
    March 20, 2011 at 8:23 am

    I’m so sad about what happens to Brandon Very, I think as hes country men in the Philippines he need to be humble like Manny Pacquiao. Just train hard and be comfortable to your self. I think you need to leave the light heavy weight as many Filipino think about and move up and prepare to conquest the heavy weight division again.We always believe in you at Bilib parin po kami saiyo kapatid, isa kang kayamanan ng ating bansang Filipinas. Pag-palain ka nawa ng Panginoong Dios.

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